Mobile Survey App

  • Highly-Rated and Reviewed
  • Fully Integrated on SSI Technology Platform
  • Global

Today’s research participants are increasingly looking to take surveys on mobile devices.  If you don’t have an easy, convenient way to engage them, your research plan could be missing an important audience and an influential voice. Plus, as smartphones become more advanced, mobile opens up access to new types of data and information so insights become richer, deeper and more meaningful.

SSI QuickThoughts® 2.0 is a mobile app that engages survey takers, specifically recruited to our mobile panel, in an easy and convenient way across all platforms and device types–iPhone, iPad, Android tablet and Android phone. Users can sign up, take surveys and earn points directly on the device. It’s the only app to offer iTunes rewards for completed surveys. QuickThoughts is different than other mobile survey apps because it’s:

  • Global
  • Multi-modal: covering both respondent choice (going to where target respondents are—online or mobile) and respondents recruited to a mobile panel (mobile-only)
  • Fully integrated: which means mobile respondents are blended and quality-controlled using the same techniques and technology as the rest of SSI sample so you can be assured of the same award-winning quality.

As the foundational building block of our comprehensive mobile data collection solution, SSI QuickThoughts engages people in the way they prefer, with an experience they enjoy, supported by technology that produces high quality data and insights for you.

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