Market Research Data Processing

  • Fast, Accurate Data Results
  • Delivered Around the Clock and Around the World
  • More than 100 Professionals

SSI does more than just collect data. We help you manage it too – from data processing and analytics, to reporting and data visualization. The SSI Data Processing team ensures you get clean, accurate data presented in the way that best suits your needs including PowerPoint and Excel files or executive dashboards. Over 750 clients currently use SSI for full programming and data processing services, relying on our more than 100 data processing professionals positioned globally to provide 24/7 service.

international data collectionStandard services include:

  • Data cleansing
  • Delivery of raw data
  • Marginal checks/quality assurance
  • Verbatim coding
  • Data weighting
  • Single variable or multiple (RIM weighting)

Deliverables options include:

  • Raw Data Files: ASCII, delimited, Excel, labeled/unlabeled SPSS, automated data sends
  • Crosstabs: All variables cross-tabulated by client-defined groups
  • Descriptive statistics: Frequencies, percentages, means, standard deviation, statistical testing between groups

SSI offers a full range of data reporting options from simple cross-tabs to more sophisticated and customized visualization techniques. We even offer a self-service option called SSI Data Express. Our fast, accurate data processing services will save you that extra step, so you can focus on marketing and strategy.