SSI Self Serve Sample

Self Serve Sample is a DIY sample management system that allows you to instantly and easily access your target audience for any research project. It immediately connects your survey with SSI’s single-managed panels with high-quality respondents across the globe. With millions of qualified respondents in multiple countries, you can be confident you are gaining full access to one of the largest consumer panels in the industry.

Self Serve Sample was designed with an intuitive interface that easily guides any user through the process of defining a project, filtering sample audiences, and launching to participants. Here are additional features you can expect when using the tool:

  • 24/7 access to SSI’s high-quality, global audiences
  • Audience refinement through targeting and segmentation quotas
  • Instant price and feasibility quote
  • Powerful project dashboard and real-time KPI tracking


Each research project launched using the Self Serve Sample tool is tracked and displayed in a dynamic dashboard. This gives you visibility into important KPIs that help you evaluate your project’s performance every step of the way.



The foundation of any research project is high quality sample from a trusted source. Self Serve Sample acts as the cornerstone in the SSI Suite of DIY products to help you better understand your target market and achieve rich customer insights.

Contact us today to start using Self Serve Sample.